Bett Awards 2018 Finalist Practical Pre-School 2017 Silver

Pre-Writing App

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Pre-writing activities help young children, as well older children with special needs, to build fine motor skills, and the language to talk about shape and pattern. This app employs the marks used in our Feels-Write Pre-Writing Stones to develop and consolidate such skills and supports the early development of good letter formation.

Select a pebble from the array and watch its pattern created by the fish in the rock pool. Trace the track of the bubbles with your finger, watching your pattern appear. Choose the same or a different pebble from the array to continue practising. Teacher options provide the facility to select what patterns the user can access for more focused work.

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The Apple iPad version of this app is not included in the multi-platform licence but can be purchased separately via the App Store.

Use alongside our Feels-Write Pre-Writing Stones for a multisensory experience, blending touch-screen technology with hands-on resources.

3 reviews for Pre-Writing App

  1. Claire Rouse, Childminder

    “My children were using the Pre-Writing App with the Pre-Writing Stones during our recent Ofsted inspection. Ofsted commented on how well the app and the physical stones worked together and how much the children seemed to be enjoying it.”

  2. Practical Pre-School Awards Tester

    Our children have really enjoyed playing with these apps and have a good sense of achievement when playing with them. They maintain attention and the older children are showing better knowledge of letter sounds and shapes. The Letter Formation and Pre-Writing apps were easy and appealing to use.

  3. Alison Stelling

    My daughter is only pre nursery age but is absolutely loving your app for drawing shapes and recognising letters. More expensive than I would normally pay but her development is fantastic and worth every penny!

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