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Number Patterns and Bonds App

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Children will be challenged to develop their addition, subitising and number skills for number bonds to 10. The attractive graphics, instant feedback and entertaining rewards will help engage children with foundational maths concepts. Three games for children to enjoy independently or alongside our physical Ladybug and Honey Bee resources. There are two levels in each game, enabling progression, and different settings offer a choice of numbers (0–10), array design, pattern match, order and timing. Available for iPad, Android tablet, PC and Mac.

1 review for Number Patterns and Bonds App

  1. Louise Norwood, Head of The Oval Montessori Nursery

    “By using ladybirds and bees as counters, as well as having fun flying animations, this app introduces children to counting and basic addition while keeping the exercises fun and engaging. The three different sections of the app all have multiple levels of difficulty that the teacher can choose beforehand. This allows for the app to be used with children of different ages and also means children can gain a sense of progression and accomplishment as they learn and advance through the app. Teachers can also add a time element that again varies the difficulty and also keeps pressure on children to improve their counting skills.”

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