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Count, Match and Order App

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This app is packed with activities and will keep children busy as bees as they count, match and order the appealing bugs that feature in the three games. Count the insects in a range, or in regular and irregular arrays. Match the bugs to the different ways of representing the number shown. Order the bugs in ascending or descending sequences. Lots of game play that children can enjoy independently or alongside our physical Ladybug and Honey Bee resources. There are two levels in each game, enabling progressive learning, and different options can be set for chosen numbers 0–10, array types, matching options and timer use to extend the challenge.

Available for iPad, Android tablet, PC and Mac. For further details on device compatibility, please see the Apps FAQ.

2 reviews for Count, Match and Order App

  1. Saskia, Folksworth Pre School

    “Our children have been exploring the bee and ladybird maths apps this afternoon counting and matching. I love that the ladybirds on the game change colour when touched, this encouraged the children to practise touch-counting so they could see which ones they had missed. This feature enabled more accuracy in their counting ‘look Saskia, the ladybird is yellow’ a child told me. We also played the matching game where the ladybird and balloon spots match. The sounds on this game really captured the children’s attention and gave them the drive to continue trying to get the balloons to pop. Overall, I think our children (and staff) have really enjoyed using these apps. ‘Can we play the bee game?’ I get asked.”

  2. Louise Norwood, Head of The Oval Montessori Nursery

    “Even when children can count up to five or ten out loud, they often get out of sync when trying to count physical objects. The count activity on this app avoids this problem by having a physical change in the object when it is touched. This app uses ladybirds and bees, animations, variations in difficulty and timers to create variety and keep children engaged. The app has a section where children order numbers in either ascending or descending order. This allows teachers to check that children can not only count upward but also recognise the relationships of different numbers to each other. The app uses sunflowers of differing heights and numbers of leaves to show children in an interesting and understandable way that higher numbers are not only a sequence but also represent differing values.”

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