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Sorting Stones App

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This appealing app includes three games to help children practise their sorting and matching skills. The range of games encourages children to explore matching and sorting one criterion – shape, colour or size – before progressing to two attributes for a greater challenge. Teacher options enable game settings to be fixed depending on the mathematical focus or the ability of the user. Lots of game play that children can enjoy independently or alongside our physical Sorting Stones.

Available for iPad, Android tablet, PC and Mac. For further details on device compatibility, please see the Apps FAQ.

2 reviews for Sorting Stones App

  1. Louise Norwood, Head of The Oval Montessori Nursery

    “This app has great activities for children to practise and get used to recognising visual elements of objects. Children can match pairs of stones together and then sort groups of stones together by size, shape or colour. The app automatically resets after each round is completed allowing teachers to take a hands-off approach, so all they need to do is the set up. Teachers can also choose whether to focus on size, shape or colour, or for each reset to be random. This variation keeps the children interested. There is also a memory match game, which builds off the skills the other two games teach children, while also exercising children’s memory and spatial awareness. The mystery element of revealing the underside of each stone keeps the excitement and means the child can repeat the activity lots of times without getting bored!”

  2. Lisa, Folksworth Pre School

    “The children loved this app! It is a simple app to use with colour matching and shape matching games. Our children were super excited when they found the matching stones, shouting ‘I did it’ and ‘yippee it’s the same’. It really captures their attention and we were able to extend their learning with lots of questions. They enjoyed gathering the stones and using them alongside the app.”

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