10 robust resources loved by you!

“We use your resources on a daily basis and our children love them”.

We love to get reviews on our website and are especially pleased to hear how durable and well-used our products prove to be in your busy settings! Niki Wilson, Manager of Folksworth Preschool, gives her feedback on the following resources:

Let’s Investigate – Dinosaur Footprints

Let’s Investigate – Dinosaur FootprintsThese can not only cope with the preschool children but the dishwasher too. The dinosaur footprints have been used in so many ways that I thought they would not last a year. I am happy to say I’m wrong, they still look like new. They are left out in the garden, frozen, painted and lost during walks. We did find it again two months later. After a wash it was as good as new. The children were so fascinated with these that we invested in other sets too.

Jack and the Beanstalk Wooden Characters

Jack and the Beanstalk Wooden CharactersThis was the first set we purchased and was so impressed that we invested in the whole set of traditional tales wooden characters. The children love these characters and will retell the story during play. These have enriched our literacy area no end. Our parents have also commented on these and the detail the children are able to use. Well done on an outstanding resource.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Story Talk Cards

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Story Talk CardsThese match the story perfectly. They are well made and tough. These are on our literacy unit and the children love taking them to the den to retell the story to their friends. The prompts on the back of the cards are very helpful to my staff which allows them to use consistent language with the children.

Pre-coding Penguin Resources

Pre-coding Penguin ResourcesThe children enjoy using these little penguins. They have been in everything from ice to lava. The children wanted to cook one in the mock volcano to see if she would survive. Thankfully, no harm came to the little thing. They are a nice size and match the app perfectly. The children have more fun using them without the optional cards. Such as hide and seek, treasure hunts or just leaving a trail to follow. Another great product that has lasted well.

Tactile Counting Stones

Tactile Counting StonesOur youngest preschool children will independently use these during play. They are used daily in the garden and still look like new. They are a nice size and weight.

Alphabet Pathway Mats

Alphabet Pathway MatsThese are beautiful illustrated and match the app perfectly. They have a clear starting dot and direction arrows. The cards offer lots of talking points for the children to find pictures to match the letters. These have been in our mark making area for a year now and still look fantastic. They are able to survive the washing up bowl and our preschool children.

Dinosaur Bones Match and Measure

Dinosaur Bones Match and MeasureThese are indestructible. The children have used them everywhere from the paint area to the mud kitchen. Our youngest children love the feel of them and will carry them around. The older children challenge each other to see who has the most or a better challenge is how long can they make their bone trail. We have the cards to match and the visual guide is helpful for self-correcting. The cards are also well made and can survive the mud and water areas.

Natural Sorting Stones

Natural Sorting StonesA fantastic example of an open-ended resource. My children love moving these into the teepee and seeing who can stack them the highest. Lots of lovely mathematical language used during independent Learning. They are well made and have survived the garden for many terms now.

Natural Shape Viewers

Natural Shape ViewersThese are the perfect size for little hands. The wood is wonderful and smooth. These are used every day by my youngest children. These have helped with shape recognition in the outside learning area.

Animal Friends – Sensory Play Set

Animal Friends – Sensory Play SetThese are beautifully made and very tactile. My children have loved them so much they often go on an overnight sleepover. Thankfully, I have very honest parents.

Thank you to Niki Wilson for leaving these reviews. We always welcome comments and feedback. You can add a review to any of our products or email us at: info@yellow-door.net


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