A Bear Related Book List

There are a huge number of bear stories. Here are a few bear necessities for any book corner. The children will have their own favourites too.

Demon Teddy by Nicholas Allan (Red Fox, ISBN: 978-0-099407-61-4)
Katie has problems with the class show off until the talking teddy Fluffy comes to her aid. This is a wickedly funny book.

The Teddy Robber by Ian Beck (Picture Corgi, ISBN: 978-0-552553-19-3)
This adventure story has wonderful illustrations that play cleverly with size and perspective to give a sense of what it is like to be small in a big world. The giant’s hoard of stolen teddies is every child’s nightmare …

Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey (Red Fox Picture Books, ISBN: 978-0-099451-08-2)
A gang of biscuit bears create a sensational circus in the kitchen. The arrival of a dog in the middle of the excitement creates total mayhem but against all odds this biscuit escapes its predicted fate. The biscuits and their wild adventures along with the detail in the illustrations of this highly original picture book will provide much for children to talk about.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? by Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jnr (Picture Puffin, ISBN: 978-0-140502-96-1)
No collection of bear books would be complete without this modern classic. Its strong, predictable and repetitive pattern quickly leads children to proudly tell you that they can read it with their eyes shut.

This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes and Helen Craig (Walker Books Ltd, ISBN: 978-0-744594-87-2)
This is the story of a teddy bear who gets put out with the rubbish by accident (and maybe a little help from a jealous dog), but is joyfully recovered by its distraught owner. It has an easy-to-read, repetitive, rhyming text with an interesting use of speech balloons to help to tell the story.

Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett (Macmillan Children’s Books, ISBN: 978-1-405090-22-3)
There are just four words in the whole of this deceptively clever book. The author plays around with them, repeating them in a different order and in different relationships to each other for every picture. This is a book where layers of meaning await to be revealed by the careful, observant child’s eye.

A full list of bear related books can be found in our We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Talk & Play Story Pack by Jane Bunting.  The pack also includes a section with ideas to help you make the most of your reading environment plus lots of ideas for exploring We’re Going on a Bear Hunt across other areas of a setting.  A gorgeous wooden character set based on the original illustrations by Helen Oxenbury is also available.



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