Active Phonics

Taking an active approach makes phonics teaching memorable and engaging.

New information can be quickly assimilated and practised in a fun way that ensures children’s enthusiasm is maintained. This exciting collection of phonics resources enables KS1 and early years children to get hands-on with letters and their sounds and includes some resources featured in the Government’s Importance of Phonics catalogue.

Tapping sticks

Tap to the beat with these wooden tapping sticks.

£2.00 ex. VAT
Helping Young Children with Phonics Kit|Phonics Activities for Early Years

Bring excitement and engagement to phonics

£24.00 ex. VAT
Early Soundplay Set 1 for speech and sound Awareness

Encourage playing with sounds through rhyme, alliteration and repetition

From £20.00
£20.00 ex. VAT
84 magnetic phonics pieces with magnetic board

Introduce new letters week by week

£18.00 ex. VAT
Come alive phonics sing and play pack

Take a hands-on approach to letters.

£80.00 ex. VAT
Come Alive Phonics wooden characters

These beautiful wooden characters are perfect for small hands.

£36.00 ex. VAT
Phonic Pebbles: active phonics, multisensory phonics, outdoor phonics

Get hands on with phonics

£40.00 ex. VAT
Active Phonics Kit, phonics games, multisensory phonics, Children's tabards

Fun and flexible phonics games and activities.

From £18.00
£15.00 ex. VAT
Come Alive Phonics interactive CD-ROM

Bring letters to life onscreen with song and animation.

From £60.00
£50.00 ex. VAT
Phase Two and Three Lacing Letters

A hands-on approach to wordbuilding.

£20.00 ex. VAT
Ragtag Rhymes
Develop a love of books alongside reading skills with these exciting...
Come Alive Phonics - letters and sounds phase 2 resources
Sing and play your way through Letters and Sounds Maximise the multisensory...